Invasion (Full Album)

Artist Name: Gheist & Kosmos
Album Title: Invasion
Songwriter: R. R. Scherwey, M. Matteotti
Distribution: Distrokid

Three years in the making and now it’s finally here. The full-length album of the Swiss rap duo Gheist & Kosmos (Ziitgheist and Jot Kosmos) is now available online on most web stores and music streaming web sites.

The two founders of Spaceball ZERO worked hard on this release. All songs were composed and recorded at the old music studio in Zürich. Some songs were remixed with new instrumentals by Freigheist. The music is atmospheric, melodic, and epic, and the lyrical spectrum ranges from mystical, historical conscious rap all the way to hard-hitting battle rap. Also, you can hear the Science-Ficton influences in almost every song. We hope you’ll enjoy the debut album by Gheist & Kosmos, as we are certainly very proud of this release.